Long shifts lead to commercial drivers doing dangerous things

Almost everything that you buy at local retail shops comes off of the back of commercial vehicles. Truckers help keep the economy running by offering over-land transportation for everything from unprocessed milk to new vehicles fresh from the manufacturer. The demands of the American economy never stop, which means that there is a lot of […]

Speed differences lead to accidents

You often hear people say that speeding leads to car accidents, and they’re not wrong. Studies repeatedly show that a lot of accidents have speeding as a contributing factor. When someone chooses to drive aggressively and breaks the speed limit, they really disrupt the flow of traffic and they may be more likely to make […]

The types of damages in a personal injury claim

Personal injury claims are designed to help you recover compensation for injuries and losses you incur due to another person or entity’s negligence or wrongful act. If you are a victim of this type of accident, you may wonder what type of damages you can recover. While each accident is unique and has unique specifications, […]

3 safety tips for sharing the road with big rigs

Semi-trucks, sometimes called big rigs, are a common sight along the highways of North Carolina. They’re crucial for transporting goods and merchandise and usually make long hauls to do so. But because of their size, they can be intimidating to share the road with. If you’re not careful, semi-trucks can also be dangerous. Though you […]