Federal Sex Crimes

Defense for Sexual Offenses Charges at the Federal Level

When facing sex crime charges, particularly those at a federal level, you need an aggressive, knowledgeable Charlotte federal sex crimes attorney you can rely upon. At Burts Law, PLLC, you can count on the firm’s dedicated representation through every step of your case, including if formal charged have not yet been filed. With extensive experience in dealing with federal charges and the federal court process, the Charlotte attorney at Burts Law, PLLC is ready to provide the level of legal counsel you not only need, but that you deserve.

Federal Sex Crimes: Serious Sex Offenses

Federal sex crime charges will typically involve more serious offenses which are unlawful under federal law or which involve crossed state lines. An example of a more recent federal sex crime is that of “sex tourism” where a perpetrator travels abroad in order to engage in a sex act or acts which are illegal in the U.S. but are lawful in another country.

Covered under the federal Protection Act, an offense of this nature may involve a person traveling to another country with a minor or to meet a minor and engage in sexual activity. A mandatory 10 year term of imprisonment may be imposed for a federal sex crime of this nature.

Examples of Federal Sex Crimes

Additional examples of federal sex crimes may include:

  • Human trafficking
  • Child exploitation
  • Child pornography
  • Kidnapping for the purpose of committing a sex crime
  • Trafficking for prostitution

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