Can a DWI hurt my career prospects?

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Career journeys can come with setbacks. But if that setback is a DUI conviction, it could pose some difficulties. That’s because consequences can vary depending on a person’s job industry.

Even if it’s just a misdemeanor, it could narrow one’s prospects.

How to talk about a DUI in an interview

Employers typically conduct background checks before hiring someone. Depending on the industry, a DUI could signal a significant red flag.

It can be awkward talking about a DUI in an interview. However, a conviction doesn’t make someone unqualified for a job. It’s still possible to pass by being honest and reflective about the experience:

  • Tell the employer about the charge (only if they ask).
  • Discuss how the experience was a lesson learned.
  • Reiterate that they won’t make the same mistake ever again.
  • State how the conviction won’t have an impact on their performance.

However, one should note that DUI convictions can limit career opportunities in industries like medicine, law, education and health care. That’s because these fields can be highly competitive and may reject those with a criminal conviction.

Impacts on job searches

Aside from the hiring process, DUIs can impact job searches in other ways. For instance, one may have their license suspended, which could affect their ability to get to interviews without being late or raising suspicions.

Convictions don’t have to stick forever

Everyone makes a mistake and don’t deserve to have it define them for the rest of their lives. If you have been charged with driving while impaired, call our driving while impaired criminal defense attorney today.