Slip and Fall Accidents

We Can Help When Another Person’s Carelessness Causes Injury

Whether you go for a walk around your neighborhood, drive your children to school or move an elderly loved one into a nursing home, you depend on those around you to consider your safety and act responsibly. However, far too often, negligence results in catastrophic injuries that require extensive medical attention. Sometimes, these incidents lead to the loss of life.

If you suffer at another person’s expense, Burts Law, PLLC can help you determine the full extent of your injuries and work to recover appropriate compensation. We provide personalized representation in your time of need. As part of our commitment to you, our dedicated personal injury attorney is available 24/7.

We Fight To Recover Damages For You

After an accident, you might feel like your insurance company is more concerned about their budget than your best interests. However, in cases where your carrier fails to provide adequate compensation, you can take action against those responsible for your pain and suffering.

Our Charlotte, North Carolina lawyer handles cases related to injuries obtained through accidents which include:

If you suffer a traumatic brain injury or experience the loss of a family member due to their injuries, you may be able to hold the careless party accountable. We also accept cases related to police brutality or the misuse of power.

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