Lyft Accidents

Lyft Accidents

Lyft is one of the most prominent among the relatively recent phenomenon of online ridesharing companies that are causing great distress in the traditional taxi industry. Of course, this distress arises for economic reasons, unlike the stress that arises in someone who is injured in a Lyft traffic accident. Unfortunately, economic issues also arise in auto accident injury cases.

Economic distress is the last problem you need to be dealing with while you are recovering from a traffic accident. Financially, of course, you are in a much better position if the accident was someone else’s fault because it is easier to win compensation that way. Even a valid personal injury claim won’t enforce itself. However, it must be pursued with skill and determination. It is critical to have an experienced Charlotte Lyft Accident Lawyers on your side.

Who Should I File My Claim Against?

Lyft accidents can sometimes raise complex questions of liability. It is difficult (if not impossible) to sue Lyft itself for a Lyft accident. To win, you would have to show that the company was itself at fault in some way and that this fault actually caused the accident that injured you. Who you seek compensation from depends on who you are and the role you played in the accident?

  • If you are a Lyft driver, the source of your compensation depends on whether the accident was your fault, whether your app was on, and whether you were on assignment. In the best-case scenario, your Lyft insurance will compensate you.
  • If you were a Lyft passenger during the accident, the source of your compensation is likely to depend on whose fault the accident was.
  • If you are another motorist, your compensation is likely to depend on whether the accident was your fault, whether the Lyft driver’s app was on, and whether the Lyft driver was on assignment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Can I file a claim against my personal auto liability insurance policy for an accident that occurred while my Lyft app was on?
  • What does Lyft driver insurance cover?
  • Where are the loopholes in coverage?
  • Should I sue or settle?

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