Health Care Fraud

What is Considered Health Care Fraud?

Health care fraud is a white collar crime that can occur on both sides of the same coin. From the practitioner’s vantage point, health care fraud happens when they create dishonest filings to help them turn a profit.

Medical professionals achieve this by:

  • Billing for services that they never offered
  • Filing multiple times for the same service
  • Changing dates, descriptions of servces and medical records
  • Giving completely unnecessary treatment

Similarly, health care fraud can be committed by patients as well, as members can give false information when applying, sell their prescription drugs on the black market, use treatments for non-medical reasons and lend out their insurance cards.

Defending Hospitals, Doctors and Health Care Providers

There are several reasons why you could be accused of health care fraud even if you haven’t actually committed fraud of any kind. Whether you are a medical professional or a member of the health care system, it may be in your best interests to contact a Charlotte health care fraud lawyer from Burts Law, PLLC as soon as possible if you are facing charges such as these.

Their experienced legal team has been defending clients nationwide for more than four decades combined, so you can rest assured that your future is in capable hands when you trust in this firm to defend you.

Building Strategies for Federal Health Care Fraud Cases

When facing federal charges for health care fraud in North Carolina, it is vital that you secure the help of an experienced Charlotte health care fraud attorney as quickly as you can. With the resources of the prosecutor and the evidence that they have likely put together, you need someone with the talent and know-how to assist you in leveling the playing field. When your future is on the line, you cannot afford to be working with someone who is inexperienced or apathetic to your case.

By contacting Burts Law, PLLC, you are giving yourself the fighting chance you need to work towards a favorable outcome. The firm is located in Charlotte, Newton, and Fort Mill; however, we accept cases all throughout North Carolina and nationwide.

Our comprehensive legal team will also defend you against charges which include:

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