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Charlotte Mail Fraud Lawyer What is Considered Mail Fraud?

Charged with the crime of mail fraud in Charlotte or a surrounding area? Mail fraud is a federal crime, which is tried under the United States federal law. Federal crimes are determined when the crime occurs across state lines or involves an American federal agency.

Any attempt to obtain valuables of monetary or financial substance would be considered illegal and would most likely be charged as a state offense. However, when a federal system such as the United States post office is used at any point during the follow-through of an illegal act, it is considered to be a criminal offense at the federal level.

Mail fraud doesn’t necessarily mean that the fraudulent act was committed by a postal worker or a member of the postal service. In fact, this type of crime is more often associated with U.S. citizens that have used the postal services as a part of their plot to commit fraudulent behavior. When a federal service is used as part of any illegal act or unlawful behavior, the crime will be handled at the federal level. If you or someone you know has been accused of mail fraud, then a Charlotte mail fraud attorney should be contacted immediately.

Aggressive Defense for Federal Mail Fraud Charges

Cases tried in federal courts are often much more intense than those tried at the state level. As such, they require a more intense and aggressive defense attorney in order to effectively protect the rights of anyone who has been accused. Whether you are facing a mail fraud charge, a weapons charge, an accusation of kidnapping or something else your case will be handled at a level above that of the state court system. For this reason, it is of the utmost importance to obtain a great legal defense.

It can be difficult to know how to best handle your criminal charge when you are first accused. However, it would be even more difficult to live down the negative repercussions that go along with federal convictions. Therefore, the sooner you find legal representation that you can safely rely on, the better your chances will be for a reduced sentence. By obtaining the skillful services of a Charlotte mail fraud lawyer, you can rest more easily knowing that will be diligently represented.

If you have been accused of mail fraud or any other type of federal crime, there is no time to waste. The Charlotte mail fraud attorney at Burts Law, PLLC accept cases in Charlotte and throughout North Carolina and the United States.

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