Computer Crimes

Charlotte Computer Crimes Attorney Building a Defense to Computer Criminal Cases

Every day, it seems more financial and business transactions are committed by or using the internet and computers. Cell phones can access the internet and conduct financial transactions, businesses can be run from virtually anywhere with an internet connection. Along with the increased use of the internet and computers in general, crimes of this nature are investigated and prosecuted more harshly. In fact, the federal government has entire sections and task forces which are dedicated to computer crimes.

Due to the broad use of the internet, computer crime may include a number of different criminal offenses:

Computer crimes are classified as federal offenses most often when they involve crossed state lines or actions which are unlawful under federal law.

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If you are facing allegations for a computer crime or any form of internet crime or cyber crime, you have the right to legal counsel. Consulting a Charlotte computer crimes lawyer experienced not only in federal court but with computer crimes in particular will be extremely beneficial throughout the criminal process. Federal agencies may have spent weeks, months or years building up evidence against you.

Our comprehensive legal team will defend you against charges which include:

You will need aggressive legal representation that will counter the efforts federal prosecutors will make to secure a conviction and maximum penalties. A Charlotte computer crime lawyer at Burts Law, PLLC can meet with you and discuss your options during a consultation. The firm is based in Charlotte, North Carolina and takes on federal cases all throughout North Carolina and nationwide.

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