Violent Crimes

Moving Swiftly To Fight Violent Crime Charges

Law enforcement and prosecutors do not ignore violent crime allegations in North Carolina. They respond quickly and seek harsh punishments against alleged offenders. If you have been arrested or charged with this type of criminal violation, don’t expect to be given a light sentence.

Serious charges like these call for serious representation. At Burts Law, we are trial-tested and ready to fight violent crime charges. Having a misdemeanor or felony conviction on your record can irreparably damage your personal and professional relationships. We can help you move swiftly to defend your reputation and your rights.

What You Need To Know About These Offenses

Violent crimes involve the use or threat of violence. During the commission of a violent crime, the offender may or may not use a weapon. If an offender uses a weapon while committing the crime, the punishment in North Carolina will be more severe.

Our managing attorney, Anthony Burts, has the experience necessary to handle these complex cases. He is able to defend you after you’ve been accused of or have been charged with offenses that include:

  • Armed robbery, burglary and carjacking
  • Simple assault and assault with a deadly weapon
  • Rape
  • Battery
  • Murder and manslaughter
  • Domestic violence
  • Stalking
  • Hate crimes and terrorist threats

The Consequences Of A Conviction Are Severe

The consequences of a misdemeanor or felony conviction can affect you long after you have served your time and paid your fines. These collateral consequences can limit your job options, can affect your parenting rights and may restrict your gun or voting privileges. As your advocate, lawyer Burts will do everything in his power to prevent these charges from hurting the people and things that matter to you.

Our comprehensive legal team will also defend you against charges which include:

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