Probation Violations

A Probation Violation Can Lead To Revocation

Generally, when a person pleads guilty or is convicted of a crime, the judge imposes jail time, but will suspend the sentence subject to the “terms of probation.” Terms of probation usually require that the person abide by the law, receive no new criminal charges, partake in some form of assessment and treatment follow-up, pay of fines and/or restitution, and submit to drug testing.

When the court, or probation officer, believes that a person on probation has violated the terms and conditions of the sentence, the court will schedule a probation violation hearing. If the court finds that a person has willfully violated the terms of probation, it may impose confinement in response to violation (CRV), order more treatment, revoke the person’s probation among other penalties. At that hearing, the court and probation officer address the alleged violation, and the defendant has the opportunity to respond, deny and/or explain the violation(s).

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